Thirsty is a colourful and silly 2D animated short film, which pays homage to classic cartoons like SpongeBob Squarepants whilst gaining stylistic influence from a range of illustrators and designers. Thirsty is about a messy degenerate who has marooned himself in a desert shack and finds himself extremely thirsty after a mischievous yellow creature steals his one source of water, forcing him to chase them across a weird land in pursuit of a quenching relief.

Skwigly at Cardiff Animation Festival

Official Selection:

Encounters Film Festival
Cardiff Animation Festival
Leeds Internation Film Festival
Sommetes Du Cinema d’Animation
Thunderdance Film Festival
Skwigly Screening at MAF

web release expected (autumn 2018)

A piece of background design

Official film poster

OZBOX Animation
London, UK