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I started VJing as a route to link my animation practice with music. I love going to gigs and performing so creating and VJing live visuals was a natural progression for me.
I have been a freelance VJ for over two years performing at a variety of venues across the UK for different bands, DJ's and companies.

Past clients include:
Leeds college of music, Leeds digital festival, Tightlines, Zeitgeist, Dharma Wild, Mugen, FLUX, Kalyan presents, BPM (leeds university)

Footage from a gig I VJ'd hosted by Tightlines for Dharma Wild
Video edit by: Jonathan Umpleby

An important part of being a good visual artist is to have a unique range of material to draw from. I felt it was important as an animator to use mostly footage I've made myself. This is the second volume I've recorded through resolume of my visuals

The first volume of my visuals

A visual test for Leeds Light night 2016

Part of a collaboration with videographer George Earl I use my VJ footage in conjunction with his live action footage to help create this video for the band zeitgeist

Oscar Barany Animation Ltd.
London, UK